Jan 1, 2018
Category: General
Posted by: Arris

January Employee of the Month



We are a Distributor and Installer of FlexKrete which is a high strength concrete repair product.  FlexKrete cures quickly with a strength of 10,000PSI or more. Repair time can be dramatically decreased because unlike regular concrete installations,heavy equipment and jackhammers are not needed. Cure time and normal traffic can resume in as little as 15 minutes depending on the size of the repair. Various applications are possible that are only limited to your imagination.  We love this product so much that we install it, sell it and we even offer monthly training classes.

Concrete Repairs made in a retail location with heavy machinery traffic

FlexKrete was applied and colored quartz broadcast to improve appearance and facilitate skid resistance

FlexKrete was mixed with fumed silica and the block was repaired and painted