Jan 1, 2018
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Posted by: Arris

January Employee of the Month


Good Deeds For Kids 3

Art Linkletter had a great show called "House Party"  that ran from 1945-1969.  His idea was to ask kids regular questions and hope for a "cute" response. Sometimes he got more than he bargained for!  Recently, David Christensen assisted his wife Ann in moving her classroom and he got a dose of some "kid wit".



We'll let David tell it in his own words:

"We had a good day of moving classrooms at Temple Elementary over in Georgia.  When I pulled up to her room and went to the door all the kids started yelling Miss Christensen, Hulk Hogan is at the door,  Ann said, no that’s my husband,  they said, you are married to Hulk Hogan?  LOL"

What an ice breaker!  It looks like David worked really hard and the students are going to get a fresh new room for next year.