Jan 1, 2018
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January Employee of the Month


Request For Quotes

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Location                           Description                   Bid Due date   



Lowe's     CO, FL, IL, IA, TX, WI.   Parking Lot Rehabs  2 pm CST, Tuesday, 08/23

Colorado Lowe's Plans

Florida Lowe's Plans

Illinois Lowe's Plans

Iowa Lowe's Plans

Texas Lowe's Plans

Wisconsin Lowe's Plans  


Lowe's        N. Wilkesboro, NC.   Restroom Remodel   

N. Wilkesboro Lowe's Plans & Specs


Aldi            Murfreesboro, TN.      Addition/Remodel      

Murfreesboro Aldi Plans

Murfreesboro Civil Plans

Murfreesboro Aldi Specs



Academy Sports    Arlington, TX.      Detention Pond Recon       

Arlington Academy Plans

Arlington Academy Pictures


Lowe's        Garysburg, NC.         Cafeteria Expansion       

Garysburg Lowe's Plans & Specs 


Ft. McClellan Assisted Living

Ft. McClellan Plans Bldg 61-141-142

Ft. McClellan Plans Bldg 143-144

Ft. McClellan Specs

Ft. McClellan Structural Drawings


Dollar Tree      N. Augusta, SC.           Vanilla Box        

N. Augusta Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree          Grovetown, GA.      Vanilla Box       

Grovetown Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree         Jonesborough, TN.   Vanilla Box      

Jonesborough Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree   Tallahassee, FL.   Walgreen's Conversion  

Tallahassee Dollar Tree Plans

Tallahassee Dollar Tree As-Built Drawings


Dollar Tree        Augusta, GA.        AS-IS     

Augusta Dollar Tree Plans

Augusta Dollar Tree Site Surveys

Augusta Dollar Tree Existing Pictures


Dollar Tree          Somerville, TN.      LL Box       

Somerville Dollar Tree Plans

Somerville Dollar Tree Site Surveys

Somerville Dollar Tree Existing Pictures


Family Dollar            Leary, GA.           LL Shell           1 pm CST, Tuesday, 01/09

Leary Family Dollar Plans


Dollar Tree          Macon, GA.        AS-IS          1 pm CST, Tuesday, 01/09

Macon Dollar Tree Plans

Macon Dollar Tree Site Surveys

Macon Dollar Tree Existing Pictures


Dollar Tree        Blackshear, GA.       Vanilla Box            1 pm CST, Tuesday 01/09

Blackshear Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree         Shreveport, LA.       Vanilla Box            1 pm CST, Tuesday 01/09

Shreveport Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree         El Campo, TX.          AS-IS            1 pm CST, Wednesday, 01/10

El Campo Dollar Tree Plans

El Campo Dollar Tree Site Surveys

El Campo Dollar Tree Existing Pictures


Dollar Tree          Lantana, FL.           LL Shell                   1 pm CST, Monday, 01/15

Lantana Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree          Chicago, IL.           AS-IS                       1 pm CST, Thursday 01/18

Chicago Dollar Tree Plans

Chicago Dollar Tree Site Surveys

Chicago Dollar Tree Existing Pictures


Dollar Tree          Lilburn, GA.           AS-IS                      1 pm CST, Thursday, 01/18

Lilburn Dollar Tree Plans

Lilburn Dollar Tree Site Surveys

Lilburn Dollar Tree Existing Pictures        


Dollar Tree            Naples, FL.           LL Shell         1 pm CST, Friday, 01/19

Naples Dollar Tree Plans  


Dollar Tree          Nashville, TN.        Vanilla Box             1 pm CST, Tuesday 01/23

Nashville Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree           Branson, MO.         Expansion              1 pm CST, Thursday, 01/26

Branson Dollar Tree Plans

Branson Dollar Tree Site Surveys

Branson Dollar Tree Existing Pictures


Dollar Tree         Douglasville, GA.    Vanilla Box           1 pm CST, Friday, 02/02

Douglasville Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree          Mauldin, SC.           Vanilla Box            1 pm CST, Thursday, 02/08

Mauldin Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree         Piedmont, SC.          Vanilla Box           April 2018

Piedmont Dollar Tree Plans


Dollar Tree          Shallotte, NC.          Vanilla Box          April 2018

Shallotte Dollar Tree Plans




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